November 2017

Fall Meeting on 11/30

Plan for ORTESOL Course

Béralde:    …Faites-vous medecin vous-même…
Argan:        Mais il faut savoir bien parler latin, connoître les maladies, et les remèdes qu'il y faut faire.
Béralde:    …L'on n'a qu' a parler avec une robe et un bonnet, tout galimatias deveient savant, et toute sottise devient raison.

Le Malade Imaginaire, Molière

Please join us for our quarterly meeting. It promises to be an exciting one as we learn about and discuss recent developments in the language landscape at UO.

¡Spanish Matters!

SPAN 203 - Summer 2017

Six terms, including the last three in one long hot smoky summer, and yet Spanish instructor Sayo Murcia's students had nothing but positive things to say about their UO journey in the language and culture. Hear the stories of eight of them—they're both inspiring and a reminder of how unique each student's encounter with second language study is.


International Education Week 11/13-11/17

To honor this year's celebration of International Education Week around the country, UO International Affairs released this profile of language diversity on campus. In a very moving way it poses the question of: What would the UO be like if there weren't international students and scholars and a deep appreciation for the languages and outlooks they've brought to campus?