Fall Meeting on 11/30

Béralde:    …Faites-vous medecin vous-même…
Argan:        Mais il faut savoir bien parler latin, connoître les maladies, et les remèdes qu'il y faut faire.
Béralde:    …L'on n'a qu' a parler avec une robe et un bonnet, tout galimatias deveient savant, et toute sottise devient raison.

Le Malade Imaginaire, Molière

Please join us for our quarterly meeting. It promises to be an exciting one as we learn about and discuss recent developments in the language landscape at UO.

UOLC Fall Meeting
Nov. 30, 2017
4:00-5:30 pm
EMU Cedar-Spruce Rooms

Warm-up (5 mins)
A short film to celebrate our work: ¡Spanish Matters! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-0aB-iG_NU)

I. Curriculum Innovation (35-45 min)
a)  Market research survey results
b)  Karen Ford’s presentation on CAS Languages Initiatives

II. What will UOLC focus its efforts on this coming year?
Winter and Spring Workshops and Town Halls focused on "Proficiency Across the Curriculum"
December     Tools for Working with Authentic Language at all Levels: H5P and other tools for comprehension and critical thinking), 151 MCK.

January         Proficiency and beyond in the College Language Classroom—Toolkit
March            Proficiency and beyond in the College Language Classroom—Curricular actions
May               Paul Sandrock, ACTFL: A Roadmap for Curricular Innovation

III. Colette Niland, Lundquist College of Business (15-20 min)
a)  Collaborations between the College of Business and Languages

IV. Announcements (if time)
a) International Education Week
b) Study Abroad Fair
c) Enrollment updates
d) SAIL, IntroD efforts, Fall Conferences at UO