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Although known as the land of snake-charmers, mythologies, mysticism, and diversity – India is now also a land of opportunities. The growth of modern science and technology in India is changing the patterns of life and is posing many a research question. Hindi provides a glimpse into this progressive culture standing the litmus test of time. Learning Hindi is as simple as learning any other language of the world. It just requires students to once more be persistent, ignorant, imitative, innocent and inquisitive as everyone is in one’s childhood. Did you learn or acquire your mother tongue? Is acquisition of a language possible after critical age? We facilitate learning through communicative and immersion methods and encourage learner-centered classes. WLA Hindi/Urdu is the first step in the direction of learning Hindi and about Hindi speech community. It has been conceived and designed as a part of a larger goal of understanding India and its diversity for native speakers of English targeting to achieve native Hindi speaker’s proficiency.
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