Things people say about learning a new language…

I need to take a language only if I am seeking a BA.
Languages are for everyone. In a global society we cannot expect things to come to us. We need to reach out and relate to thew hole world. Personal and professional relationships become more meaningful when we start understanding cultural diversities and subtleties through language.

Language classes are just empty credits if I am seeking a BS.
Students electing Bachelor of Science can count second and third year language credits towards Arts and Letters and Multicultural requirements. In addition, some majors like Business and International Studies have specific requirements that language courses fulfill.

Learning a Language is time consuming, and I don’t get much out of it.
Learning a language is a process through which you discover a new world,a new you! Languages also open up a world of career possibilities.

Once I’ve fulfilled my BA language requirement, there’s no point taking any more language courses
Why stop at one? Second and some upper division language credits count towards Arts and Letters and Multicultural requirements.

I didn’t like language classes in high school. College classes will just be more of the same.
Language classes in college take it to a whole new level. The class sizes are often much smaller and your language classes will be very rich in cultural content, interactive, challenging, rewarding, and definitely fun.

I can start learning a language only in Fall term.
There are several programs that begin in Winter, and dozens of summer study abroad options! Contact the language department or ask your advisor for more info.

I don’t need to learn a language to study abroad.
True in some cases, but imagine how much better your experience can be when you talk to locals in their own languages!