Welcome to the UOLC website

Welcome to the official website of the UO Language Council. We’re a group of over 125 faculty, staff, and students at the UO who are interested in building a community around the study of all languages, and who support those studying and teaching in foreign languages, study abroad, area studies, business, journalism, and more. We plan to use this space to share with you the amazing things going on in the world of language and culture study at the UO. And we hope you’ll do likewise. If there’s something of interest going on in your department or organization, please feel free to post it yourself (or let us know, and we’re glad to add it).

This website has several purposes (which correspond to the tabs above):

  1. to be a clearinghouse for those seeking information about language study at UO (welcome future Ducks!). Besides a list of languages available at UO, and some background about the language, you can find easy links to the departments where these languages are taught.
  2. to be a communication vehicle for those looking to inform the larger university community about the issues, policies, and opportunities in language study (this blog)
  3. to be a calendar of coming events of interest to UOLC members

We invite members to join us in helping keep the information curated here as up-to-date and as informative as possible.

Please mark your calendars: Our first meeting of the new academic year will be Thursday, Oct. 19 at 4:00. Location TBA. All members of the UO community welcome.


Dennis Galvan, Harinder Khalsa, Jeff Magoto, Lori O’Holleran
UOLC Conveners